Learning how to merge technical skills with intuitive art to create psychic artworks can be a fascinating and unique way to express oneself and tap into the depths of the subconscious mind.

By combining technical expertise with intuitive abilities, artists can create powerful and thought-provoking pieces that resonate with the viewer on a deeper level.

By combining your expertise with your innate intuitive abilities, you can create art that transcends the physical realm and taps into the mystical and subconscious aspects of the human experience. Embrace your intuition, trust your instincts, and let your artwork become a conduit for psychic insights and self-expression.

All levels welcome

We are here to assist you on your artistic and spiritual journey, no matter what level you’re at.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, we can offer guidance, support, and resources to help you grow and develop.

Meet your guides

Creator Justine Van De Weg

Jay is an expert in drawing and painting dynamic spiritual art with over 25 years experience. She has studied the art of dynamic proportions and served many clients in helping them to draw and paint in proportion, create what is in their mind onto canvas and see them deliver beyond their expectations. Jay has collaborated with many businesses and people by bringing art into their world. She makes painting easy for you.

Creator Frankey Craig

Our Psychic Art was Created in 2008 and Frankey Craig has been on a journey raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness ever since then. Frankey is a Creative Channel, Healer and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has found that creativity has the capacity to guide us to our highest and most authentic self. Frankey is expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing networks, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling. Frankey is the founder of Our Psychic Art (the number 1 psychic art website in the world!), The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School and Co Founder of the School of Psychic Arts. She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients and tribe for over 15 years.

Explore your artistic and psychic abilities in a safe container

You are invited to join two dedicated professionals together with over 40 years worth of experience who have spent years investing in their learning, setting up and offering their personal coaching to assist you on your journey of not only creating beautiful paintings but also learning their messages.

Jay will teach you step by step how to develop your artistic abilities through merging technical knowledge and intuitive knowing.

She will help you to develop a strong foundation in technical skills. This may involve studying various art techniques.

Jay will provide you with an understanding the fundamentals of composition, color theory, and form. Her coaching will provide a solid base for your artistic endeavors.

Frankey will support your spiritual development and guide you to decode the messages of your creations.

This may involve practices such as meditation, mindfulness, or energy work to enhance your connection with your inner self and tap into your intuition.

By developing your intuition, you can access hidden emotions, thoughts, and energies that can be translated into your artwork. Frankey will teach you to explore symbolism, metaphors, the use of colors, shapes, and imagery that hold personal significance to you or carry a collective symbolism.

What does the subscription include?

Everything you need to support you on your psychic art journey!

  • Access to Online School

    Unlimited access to hours of tutorials, templates, exercises and resources for you to dive into at your own pace. New tutorials are also added regularly to help you to continue to evolve.

  • Monthly Discovery Call

    This is your bespoke one to one coaching session on zoom with Frankey or Jay. Each month you will meet to discuss your spiritual and technical development.


    Personalized templates created for you. If we haven't already got the tutorial or template already uploaded on the school, we will create it!


Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth.

  1. Welcome

  2. Your Practice

  3. Your Development

  4. Your Creativity

  5. Exploring Drawing Techniques

  6. Exploring Watercolors

Monthly Subscription

  • $99.99 / month
  • 89 lessons
  • 13.5 hours of video content


You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

What our students have to say

5 star rating

Painting Angels

Eon User

Very enjoyable and amazing when the features do pop out

Very enjoyable and amazing when the features do pop out

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Here's what Jay and Frankey's students have to say



''Frankey, your course has widely exceeded my expectations. I have done a couple of live online courses on various topics, but I have never gotten so much feedback or interaction from a teacher before. During classes we have been muted by the teacher while he/she has been doing their thing and no interaction before or after class. You started with the room reading, a fully interactive class and feedback afterwards. I'm very happy with this!''