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Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Energy

Are you ready to experience a profound transformation, exploring the depths of sacred feminine teachings and unlocking the power of light codes? Welcome to our online mystery school – a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern empowerment, offering a transformative journey for women seeking healing, balance, and a redefined sense of womanhood.

The Power of Sacred Feminine Teachings and Light Codes

Unlock the sacred feminine energy within you

This journey has been carefully crafted to help you explore and deepen your understanding of womanhood. Whether you choose in-person or Zoom sessions, the sacred feminine energy transcends time and space, creating an accessible and transformative experience no matter where you are.

Meet Frankey Craig

Creator, Mother, Ambassador of Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

Creator Frankey Craig

Our Psychic Art was Created in 2008 and Frankey Craig has been on a journey raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness ever since then. Frankey is a Creative Channel, Healer and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has found that creativity has the capacity to guide us to our highest and most authentic self. Frankey is expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing networks, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling. Frankey is the founder of Our Psychic Art (the number 1 psychic art website in the world!), The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School and Co Founder of the School of Psychic Arts. She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients and tribe for over 15 years.

Teachings from the Priestess Deck

Empowering Authentic Womanhood

Immerse yourself in the teachings of the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Oracle Deck – a sacred tool designed to activate and redefine your beliefs while transforming your experience of womanhood.

 Here's what you'll gain:

Activation of Self: The Priestess Deck acts as a catalyst for your personal transformation, encouraging you to tap into your inner power and potential. Explore hidden depths within yourself, unlocking a profound understanding of who you are.

Redefining Beliefs: Challenge existing beliefs and societal conditioning, liberating yourself from expectations. Experience a shift towards expansive and empowering beliefs, allowing for a more authentic expression of your feminine essence.

Embracing Authenticity: Connect with your true self, uncovering layers of authenticity that may have been suppressed. Express your unique essence and celebrate the multifaceted nature of womanhood.

Empowerment in Womanhood: Recognize and embody the innate strength, intuition, and wisdom within you. Reclaim these qualities, fostering a sense of collective strength and solidarity among women on a shared journey.

Journey to Wholeness: Embark on a transformative journey, guided by the Priestess Deck through various aspects of womanhood. Integrate both light and shadow aspects, promoting a balanced and harmonious sense of self.

Strengthening Intuition: Amplify and trust your intuition through the symbolism and messages of each card. Let your heightened intuition become a guiding force in making decisions aligned with your authentic self.

Unlock Hidden Knowledge with Symbols and Codes

Symbols and codes play a significant role in ancient and modern priestess practices, serving as powerful tools for healing and divination. Experience the magic of interpreting and working with symbolic codes to access hidden knowledge, facilitate healing, and gain insights into the spiritual realm.

Energy Healing with Sacred Feminine Light Codes

Our unique approach draws inspiration from ancient wisdom traditions, combining elements of energy work, sound healing, hand gestures, visualization, and intention setting. Experience the interconnectedness of all beings, the power of intention, and the ability to channel divine healing energies.

Light Language and Universal Communication

Tap into the universal language of the soul through Light Language – a powerful form of communication that transcends conventional words. By working with sacred feminine codes, you unlock your unique codes, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Mystery School Curriculum

Step into the sacred space of our online mystery school, where the wisdom of the ancients meets the empowerment of today. Enroll now to activate your fullest potential, redefine your beliefs, and embrace the powerful, authentic woman within you. Awaken your sacred feminine energy and embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery and transformation. 🌟

    1. Welcome to Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School

    2. Lineage

    1. Priestess Pack Contents

    2. Card Deck & Book

    3. Priestess Ritual Aura Spray

    4. Priestess Anointing Oil Ritual Blend

    5. Priestess Ritual Bath Blend

    6. Priestess Ritual Tea Blend

    7. Rose Tincture

    8. Blue Lotus Tincture

    9. Selenite Crystal Wand

    10. White Sage

    1. Welcome from Frankey

    2. Introduction

    3. About the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

    4. The Initiations

    5. Preparation

    6. Conscious Breath Meditation

    7. What is Light Language

    8. Working with Sacred Feminine Light Language Codes

    9. The Light in Me honors the Light in You

    10. Initiation

    11. Ritual 1

    1. Every woman who walked this Earth is with you

    2. Activated

    3. Ritual 2

    4. We are not the same people we were yesterday

    5. Emotional Healing

    6. Ritual 3

    7. It is safe for you to speak your truth

    8. Divine Expression

    9. Ritual 4

    1. Remember your innocence. You are a pure and sacred Being.

    2. Maiden

    3. Ritual 5

    4. You can create anything. Use this energy wisely.

    5. Mother

    6. Ritual 6

    7. With great wisdom comes great responsibility

    8. Crone

    9. Ritual 7

    1. What does Mother Earth want from you?

    2. Earth

    3. Ritual 8

    4. Explore the depths of your subconscious mind

    5. Water

    6. Ritual 9

    7. Your thoughts are creating your reality

    8. Air

    9. Ritual 10

    10. Burn anything that doesn't serve your highest good

    11. Fire

    12. Ritual 11

About this course

  • $444.00 first payment, $222.00 / month onwards
  • 168 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content

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Priestess Mini Retreats are an opportunity to gather together in community to celebrate the seasons and cycles. 

Retreats are held 4 times a year in Fayetteville, NC.  

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What our students are saying

5 star rating

Fantastic Course!

The Wyld Witch

This course made such a big difference in my practice! I had been feeling stuck, looking for balance, and I found it here with Frankie! The one-on-one sessio...

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This course made such a big difference in my practice! I had been feeling stuck, looking for balance, and I found it here with Frankie! The one-on-one sessions are a game changer. Frankie is insightful and non-judgemental and was able to offer me a lot of guidance on my path to help me get unstuck! Forging a connection with Blue Lotus and Rose has also changed my life in such beautiful ways! This is a fantastic course that I highly recommend to anyone serious about moving forward in their growth journey in a beautiful way!

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Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey towards your authentic and empowered self with the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path


Beth Brown


Frankey, who you are to me in the world is an authentic immaculate holder of sacred space for the Divine Mother to flow through...whenever I’m in your presence what I feel in my body is calm, grounded, my heart space lights up and expands...

LeAnne Feliciano


Frankey, I experience a soul who has a multitude of wisdom and talent. Always having a desire to connect with community and creating space for magic, wisdom and change to happen within, one on one and as a collective. Grateful for the energy you put out into the world and the opportunities given to create magic together.